Our Love Story

How I Met Her

On this faithful day; May 17th, 2019, I never anticipated setting my eyes on the lady that will stand at the altar by me, and end up spending the rest of my life with. I was invited by a close friend of mine to his sister in-law’s graduation party. While the celebrant and her friends were all having their best time ever dancing and partying, I sat down quietly with my dark shades on, minding my own business as usual; not seeing clearly enough to even notice unfamiliar faces that night, except the celebrant we all came to celebrate with and some of our few similar close male friends who were also present that day. We all got exhausted and decided to go to the celebrant’s house to end the night with some delicious meal catered for her guests. At a point in time at her house, I decided to take my shades off to clearly see the food I was about to serve myself, and behold I saw Cordelia standing quietly and extremely adorable amid some other few ladies in the house conversing among themselves. I kept staring at her and hoping she could at least say something to the group just to hear what her beautiful voice would sound like, but she remained calm and quiet the entire time. Not quite sure if she noticed me staring at her, but I felt our eyes contacted for a bit, she later went upstairs, and I never saw her again that night.

I had to work the next morning and all I kept thinking about was the memory of the quick flashback to Cordelia’s face from the previous day. Deep down my mind, I knew I wanted to see this lady again who looked so beautiful and stayed very quiet the entire night. I kept questioning myself about not even saying a word to her the previous night or getting her name; just to have at least some information about her. The funny thing was that I had to later that day speak to a friend of mine who was also present that night and kept describing to him what Cordelia looks like to see if he also knew who I was talking about. The key factor that made him suspect I was describing Cordelia to him was when I described her to him as “the quiet girl.” He was very adamant I was talking about Cordelia, who happened to be a very close friend to his girlfriend at that time and promised to have her introduce us together formally. During that period, Cordelia was residing in Houston due to being a student in one of the schools in that city. After our formal introduction, we remained being friends for the longest, mostly talking on the phone. The next time I set my eyes on Cordelia again was five months after which was on her birthday from the first day, I set my eyes on her. We decided to have our first date at the end of that month and our bond was highly on point with so much connection during this date. We discovered we shared a lot of things in common and had such great visions and ideas about the future. Since that time, everything has remained a blessing.

How I Met Him

I met Stanley for the first time at my close friend’s graduation party in May 2019. We had all returned to my friend’s house from the night activities of celebrating her new accomplishment. Stanley was at the house in company of her brother-in-law who invited him to the event. When we all arrived, we were all introduced to each other in the living room. I briefly said hello and quietly listened to everyone discuss the fun night activities. I was exhausted, did not think much of the meeting and soon went to sleep.

It wasn’t until some few days after, one of my other close friend who happened to be dating one of Stanley’s friends, mentioned to me that Stanley was interested in meeting me. She informed me that he was “bust brain” over me and constantly reaching out to her boyfriend with an urge of getting to see me again. I briefly remembered who Stanley was and told her that I was not interested in dating anyone at that time. Time after time she would tell me how Stanley continues to seek talking to me. She at one point told me that she had the opportunity of being around Stanley on a certain day, in company of her boyfriend, and Stanley she felt was a very gentleman.

Finally, I decided to take a chance in becoming a friend with Stanley and responded back to his Instagram DM. We chatted online for a bit and Stanley asked if he could call me offline that night. I was in nursing school at the time and was studying so I gave him a time to call the next day. When that day came, he was right on time, and we had a great conversation. We continued to chat while I was in school until my birthday in October where Stanley got invited to and presented as a gentleman. He was really nice to me that day and our friendship continued to grow. As it was blooming Stanley wanted to take me out on a nice date and I kept pushing it away as I was very focused on school and didn’t have much time. Stanley was very patient and persistent and told me anytime would be perfect for him.

Soon after, I told Stanley at the last minute I was going to be a bit free at a particular Friday night, and we could go out before I had to leave for Chicago the next day to visit my sister. Stanley did not hesitate and immediately confirmed he was going to come to Houston (where I resided back at the time while in school) to take me out. Friday came and Stanley drove over 4 hours after he had been working all week and, on that day, to take me out on our first date. The date was wonderful, and we stayed up all night talking while he helped me pack to go see my sister. He drove me to the airport for my red eye flight, and I realized Stanley could be much more than a friend and we continued talking after that first date. Since then, Stanley has shown me and continues to show me the same constant pursuit of his love, kindness, understanding, consistency, and selflessness. I feel so blessed to start a life with Stanley and grow our love for each other daily! I love you so much baby.